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Nature's Old Time Meats, LLC
Contact: Tanya & Mike
Address: Hwy 212 and Hwy 26 Boring, OR, 97009
Phone: 503-676-8027
About Us
Nature's Old Time Meats is a family farm located in the foothills of Mt Hood in beautiful Boring, Oregon. We raise our animals & manage our farm using permaculture and regenerative principles. We do not use any pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. Our animals are raised naturally, on pasture, with freedom to roam and play. Our pigs enjoy peas, lentils, beans, barley, grasses and dairy. Our angus cows are grass fed. Our chickens (broilers/layers) are free range. We do not feed commercial grain, corn or soy. Our meats are USDA processed and packaged locally.
We strive to make delicious healthy food affordable. At Nature's we are committed to giving back to our community. We are proud to work with Green Corps Fresh a program designed to help youth in our county stay on track while teaching them many different skills.
We welcome visitors, including daycares and schools. Please call us to arrange a tour to visit and meet the animals.
We use permaculture principles & holistic/regenerative farm management practices. We do not use any hormones, antibiotics or pesticides ever. Are animals enjoy a stress-free life on pasture with access to clean grass, forage and water. We feed a completely natural diet (no commercial feed or grain). We strive to be completely GMO-free.