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Pat N Tams Beef
Contact: Pat & Tammy Mallon
Address: PO Box 542 Hermiston, Or, 97838
About Us
We raise and Sell a Uniquely flavored Dry Aged Grass Fed Beef. It is from our Angus Cattle and is all Natural. No added Hormones or Antibiotics. These Cattle are on pastures their entire lives.

I have been raising and selling Beef for over 15 years. I have learned a lot; especially from our customers. I grew up in the industry and have the advantage of being able to identify when an animal is ideally ready to be harvested for the best quality Beef.
We use Hay and Frozen Vegetable Screenings as an additional feed source. You would wish your kids ate vegetables the way these cattle do. We have never fed animals or animal protein products. It is surprising how vigilant one must be about this. I have seen Protein Tubs marked all Natural whose protein source is Hydrolized chicken feathers. We don't use those.

The vegetables allow us to provide a consistent product year round. It gives the Beef marbling and finish without getting them Gobby Fat. This allows us to dry age the Beef for additional Tenderness and Flavor. You can contact Buxtons Meats in Sandy as to the quality of Beef we raise. They are able to consistently make our Ground Beef 15% fat.

The Vegetables allow for nutrient recycling in our Pastures without additional fertilizers.