Mind Your Manna
Contact: Valerie Roth Schafer
Address: 4124 sw 43rd Ave Portland, OR, 97221
About Us
The Mind your Manna company, and Fire Brew specifically, got its start back in my parents' kitchen in New Jersey, about 40 years ago. Even as a seven year old, trying to make sweet potato chips in a pan, I loved coming up with unique and interesting food ideas. And, Fire Brew is the culmination of those years of fiddling, testing and experimenting! Things really came into focus when I went back to school, after a long career in the world of marketing, to become a Holistic Nutritionist. I finally found my opportunity to blend my love of healthy eating with unique and wholesome food products that aimed to heal and restore.

In many ways, Fire Brew chose me -- the first time I created it, I was instantly hooked. The more I read about the ancient healing powers of its ingredients, I was intrigued and started making it for friends and family. As its popularity grew, one thing led to another and now we sell it at the Farmers Market and in stores locally. Our Fire Brew is made from the freshest, local ingredients resulting in a stunning ambrosia meant to propel us to new heights of energy and gratitude throughout our days. I hope you love it (even if you hate it initially!) and appreciate your commitment to exploring the healing power of whole foods.