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Three Sisters Nixtamal
Contact: Pedro and Adriana Ferbel-Azcarte, Wendy Downing
Address: 8512 se 9th Ave portland, or, 97202
About Us
Launched in July, 2012, Three Sisters Nixtamal makes organic corn masa the artisanal way, using the centuries old nutritionally-­‐rich process of nixtamalization: whole dried corn, cooked with limestone and ground in a molino, a stone mill made especially to grind wet nixtamlized corn into fresh masa. Based in Sellwood, we are the only producer of Certified Organic Corn Masa and Tortillas in the Northwest. Our name, Three Sisters, originates from the symbiotic growing of corn, beans and squash practiced by Indigenous people throughout the Americas. The bean vine grows around the corn and adds nitrogen to the soil, while the squash provides a shady ground cover locking in moisture and keeping weeds and insects at bay. These three crops, grown and eaten together, offer a nutritional balance and demonstrate an environmental awareness, cornerstones of our company’s inspiration and practice.