Sun Love Farm
Contact: Melissa Streng
Address: 15030 S. Brunner Rd. Oregon City, Or, 97045
Email Address:
Phone: 914-536-1024
About Us
Sun Love Farm is a small certified naturally grown farm in Oregon City, which grows a diversity of vegetables, focusing on heirloom and open pollinated varietals with superb flavor. The farm started on a tiny piece of land that Farmer Melissa leased to grow sauce tomatoes, which were then sauced into delicious ketchup. In 2014, the farm grew up as Melissa and her partner Dave purchased 7 acres of fertile land in Oregon City. In 2015, Sun Love grew about an acre of mixed vegetables and raised 50 ducks for meat and eggs. In 2016, in addition to growing a delicious diversity of veggies and pastured duck eggs,we will be putting up more greenhouses, planting an extensive orchard, and continually work to become better stewards to the land.
We are a certified naturally grown farm, which is much like an organic certification. We only use fertilizers and potting soils that are certified for organic use. We plant cover crops to build up organic matter in the soil. Pollinator crops are planted to create habitat for our buzzing friends. We try to till as minimally as possible to protect our soil tilth and the many beneficial creatures living beneath the surface. We are constantly trying to make our land a healthier ecosystem.