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Wooden Mallet Farm
Contact: Sarah Rector
Address: 4500 NW McLoughlin Dr Yamhill, OR, 97148
Phone: 503-662-3191
About Us
We started our small family farm in 2015 just north of Yamhill, Oregon after several years of looking and saving for the right place to settle. We are both engineering transplants but now our main products are vegetables and eggs and a few pigs, apples, and pears.

We believe in growing healthy natural food and never-ever use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Although we are not certified organic, our inspiration and experience with farming has been on organic farms and most of our soil amendments are organic and sourced locally whenever we can.

We have two young sons and we enjoy getting their help on the farm and raising them outside as much as possible. The farm includes several acres that have gone wild, and we’re entering a stretch of our creek into conservation. We are also planting native trees and shrubs to replace invasive species, encourage wildlife, and to give our kids healthy and fun places to play and explore.

We enjoy visitors so give us a call if you want a farm tour!
No spray, no synthetics, non-GMO. We use mostly organic inputs and seed. We free-range and pasture-raise our animals and don't feed slop. We buy and sell locally as much as we can and use water conserving growing techniques.