Trailhead Coffee Roasters
Contact: Charlie Wicker
Address: 118 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd portland, OR, 97214
About Us
Trailhead Coffee Roasters was created to combine our passions in life: great coffee, being outdoors, strong communities and being good stewards to the earth.
Our name was inspired by our love being in nature. It's hard to be in anything but a great mood when drinking a hot cup of excellent coffee in the quiet of the outdoors.

Committed to Community
Trailhead Coffee Roaster is dedicated to strengthening communities, both locally and at our beans’ source. By working with the Café Femenino coop of women farmers, we are helping improve the quality of life in coffee-growing communities. We also donate a percentage of ours profits to the Café Femenino Foundation.

We have broadened our portfolio beyond Cafe Femenino coffees and donate a portion of the profits from those coffees to a revolving KIVA microloan program supporting women in Africa. Our Nekisse Ethiopian micro-lot coffee has 50% of profits funding this program.

Here in Portland, you'll find us giving back to our community by offering our coffees at many bicycle-related events, from cyclocross races to the Shift to Bike’s Breakfast on the Bridges monthly event where they serve coffee and pastries to bicycle commuters.

Committed to the Environment
The roast facility is carbon neutral through carbon offsets from TerraPass

We minimize our carbon footprint by conducting all business activity, where possible, by cargo and commuter bike. Our roaster utilizes a novel and energy-efficient smoke mitigation technique called an electrostatic precipitator.