Jones Pastures
Address: 15407 S Kirk Road Oregon City, OR, 97045
Email Address:
Phone: 503-734-0838
About Us
Jones Pastures is a family farm that started with just two turkeys in our backyard in the city. We had so much fun watching them grow and our children’s daily highlight was to feed, water and play with them. When our local dairy farmers gave us the opportunity to join their farm and launch our own poultry business, we said yes on the spot! We left our city jobs and have been all in ever since. We now have pastured chickens, turkeys and goats, and soon we will have pastured duck eggs available as well!
We believe it is important for our animals to live outside in nature as God intended. That means unlimited sunshine, fresh organic grass daily, and all the bugs they can eat! We take our role as stewards seriously, and that means proper supplemental feed. We will never let our animals near GMO foods. We also take care to ensure our animals never eat any corn or soy. If they wouldn’t eat soy in the wild, why should they on our farm? We also refuse to give our poultry any shellfish products, instead we opt to give them access to all the grubs they can handle.

We would love to invite you to partake in our business and help us expand a culture of treating animals fairly and letting them live life to the fullest!