Helios Farms
Contact: Theo & Kira Wadman
Address: 2077 Skelly South Yoncalla, OR, 97499
About Us
Helios Farms began in Corvallis, Oregon and now is located on 160 acres in Yoncalla, Oregon. The farm has a foodshed that ranges from Ashland to Portland. Helios is the Greek god of the sun and health. Theo and Kira Wadman founded the farm in 2010, starting by sharing the milk from their family cow and eggs from their soy-free chickens. Kira's 45-year lactose intolerance problems had ended the moment she became aware that it was caused by pasteurization and homogenization, and was not an issue with raw cow's milk (ice cream ahoy!). Health issues of other family members were caused by dietary misinformation and poor agricultural practices, and Theo had seen his son's brain tumor cured during the 90's by a treatment that was/is under attack by the FDA as documented in "Burzynski, Cancer is Serious Business". By 2010, Kira and Theo were raising the majority of their family's food, had removed soy, grains and vegetable/industrial oils from their family's and livestock's diet, and were following the Weston A. Price Foundation's ( health and dietary recommendations and culinary methods such as lactofermentation. Expanding Helios Farms to share pure food, reconnect people with the farm life, and share health and dietary information with others became a passion in support of the wave of awareness around dietary misinformation and food system problems. The methods and farming advice of Joel Salatin's Polyface Farms have inspired the practices used on our the lands of Helios Farms. Both Theo and Kira worked in agriculture early in life through their early 20's. Theo has a bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics and was an innovator, entrepreneur, writer, and consultant when he assumed his primary role as Theo Farmer. Kira is a horse trainer, entrepreneur, commercial artist, and leads the farm communications effort. Helios Farms is run by Theo, Kira and their daughter Sonja with assistance from grandchildren Helios and Selene, farm share owners and the Helios Farms community. Helios Farms sells only livestock and shares of livestock through private farm shares and our services boarding animals and harvesting and delivering the foods they produce for their owners. The milk from each cow is bottled separately (Single-Moo Milk) and the picture and name of the cow is included on the bottle. Milk is delivered to the single-moo milk cow share owners through drop off points.