Full Belly Fare - handcrafted dinners delivered
Contact: Lyla Wolfenstein
Address: 4743 NE Martin Luther King Jr Portland, OR, 97211
Phone: 503-754-2718
About Us
After more than a decade in catering and food service, I left the industry to raise my children. During that time, I focused my passion for food on feeding my family and friends, in particular several with extremely specialized dietary needs due to health issues. Now, with grown and nearly grown children, I am turning back toward my roots and reigniting my desire to offer the wider community the pleasure of good food made with love.

Full Belly Fare was born from my desire for everyone to have access to flavorful, wholesome foods at a lower cost than restaurant food of the same quality, and delivered!

I'm thrilled to be able to accept EBT through KTF. I also offer a "contribute to a group gift" option for out of town (or just busy) family and friends who want to send a meal to a loved one. Meal subscription packages are another way to customize meals to meet special dietary needs.

Those living outside my delivery zone can also arrange to pick up their orders at KTF on Tuesdays.