Ole World Oils (Camelina Oil)
Address: 1104 S. Par Drive Ritzville, WA, 99169
Phone: 503-757-8590
About Us
My great grandfather homesteaded land west of Ritzville, Washington and south of Odessa, Washington. Here our family has farmed for over 110 years. At times the farm has flourished, at times it has struggled. I remember my Dad telling stories of how as a youngster they would pick apples in the orchards around Wenatchee and Yakima to support the farm.
Even though our farm is located near highly productive orchards we are constrained in the types of crops we grow, as we do not irrigate our fields. Through the course of our farm we have primarily grown wheat with a fallow year in-between production years in order to build the soil moisture to adequate levels. In 2009, we began growing camelina. Camelina has allowed us to enhance the sustainability on our land by building soil biomass, controlling weeds (slightly allelopathic), and other benefits from crop mix diversification. We’ve found that the crop performs well in our low-rainfall area (12 inches of precipitation), and minimal inputs. Further, we do not use synthetic herbicides or insecticides in the production of our crops.

We plan to continue expanding our production capability and adding more product lines, including camelina seed and ground seed for people to use in baking or salad toppings. We are also working with a soap maker to develop a line of camelina soap. These products will be available in the summer of 2013. It has been a good experience working together. Curt, Travis, and Tyler all bring different skills, backgrounds and perspectives to the business that has meshed well together. In addition, other family members and friends have helped get the business off the ground. Notably, Sasha (Travis’ wife) has helped with designing labels, marketing materials and working the Clark Fork River Farmers Market. Linze (Tyler’s girlfriend) has helped by doing demos all over Washington State with the oil. Even Lynn (Mom) who vowed not to help in the beginning, has become a champion for the oil, and has taken on running the Kootenai County Farmers Market booth with Dad, bottling, labeling, and doing demos nearly every weekend. Our friends; Joyce, Dayna, Kevin, Tammy, and others have helped us with demos and farmers markets.