Little Handfuls Organic
Contact: Darcy and Dustin Kochis
Address: 3434 SE Milwuakie Ave Portland, OR, 97202
Email Address:
Phone: 971-563-3780
About Us
Hello Friends!
We are a parent owned company focused on creating products that inspire self-feeding, healthy eating and encourage our little ones to learn to true tastes and textures of food. Our products contain ALL organic ingredients and do not have any added sugars or added sodium, instead we use herbs and spices to enhance flavors. Our products come fully baked and frozen, so we are a convenient mealtime option for parents that isn't a pizza bite, chicken nugget, fish stick or mini- corn dog!

We have a dedicated commercial kitchen located within Know Thy Food. We use all organic ingredients and do not have any added sugar or added sodium. Since we are using fresh ingredients, such as Spinach and Butternut Squash, we strive to source locally and support our farmers.