Bronco Farms
Contact: Amora and Andy McBride
Address: 34885 S. O'deane Rd. Molalla, OR, 97038
About Us
Located at around 1400 foot in elevation, nestled in the Molalla foothills in a rural area called Dickie Prairie, Bronco Farms has views from Newberg to Portland.

Our 50 acre farm is home to heritage grass fed Scottish Highland Cattle, grass fed Dorset Horn Sheep and natural fermented grain finished Kunekune Pigs. We also raise layer chickens, eggs and pasture grown Red Ranger broiler chickens. All our critters live on pasture, in the forest, are free range grown and humanely processed.
Our cattle lead in paddock rotation followed by sheep, pigs and finally our layers and broilers. Aside from free ranging they have free access to haylage and organic silage.
Our pigs and chickens receive a blend of 9 whole grains ran through a hammer mill to break, crack and aid in the fermentation process which allows the body to absorb more nutrients.
Our livestock is USDA humanely processed off site and our broilers are processed right here on the farm.