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Contact: Christine and Michael
Address: 3434 SE Milwaukie Portland, OR, 97202-2749
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Get more out of your pantry, your refrigerator, and your meals. Better than just a seasoning or spice, Oomph Cooking Blends are organic herbs and vegetables combined into scrumptious flavor profiles. Add a tasty, nutrient-dense boost to everyday dishes, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Oomph up your sauces, scrambled eggs, meatballs, casseroles, soups, stir-fry, gravies, leftovers and even your favorite mac-n-cheese recipe. Oomph can also be eaten as a spread for avocado toast, steak, fish, appetizers or to top your baked potato.

Oomph adds, well oomph to every meal. They'll swear you cooked up something new - and we promise not to tell.
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